Closing Protection Letters

From WFG Wiki

WFG does not issue CPLs to lenders or any other party for the acts of a non-agent with two exceptions:

  1. Illinois - There is a quasi-insurance type escrow company called an “independent escrowee”. Under the statute, the IE has to meet the same financial requirements as a title insurance underwriter ($1,000,000 in liquid assets/reserves) and they are not required to issue CPLs like an underwriter does for their agents. There’s only 1 IE in Illinois and it’s owned by a WFG agent. WFG issues CPLs for the IE pursuant to a vendor’s services agreement that allows WFG to audit the IE’s accounts, etc.
  2. Approved Attorneys in states where that’s custom/practice pursuant to a vendor’s services agreement.

WFG could arguably issue a CPL pursuant to a vendor’s services agreement, but there’s not a lot of upside for WFG to do so.

In addition to the above, there may be regulatory issues in some states that would prevent WFG from issuing a CPL on behalf of a non-agent.

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